Process of Forming International Committees

Annually, prior to the International Education Seminar, the International President-Elect, subject to confirmation by the IEC and International Board of Directors (BOD), shall recommend for appointment a chair and, in coordination with the International Vice President, a vice chair for each international committee. In addition, the International President-Elect recommends for appointment the members of the service committees.

Industry and region chairs and the International President-Elect, select region representatives and at-large members, as required, to accomplish the committee's mission. At-large members must be approved by the IEC.

A member appointed as a region representative must be an active member of a chapter located within that region. The region chair shall confirm the prospective member's current participation in the ongoing affairs of the chapter and committee, prior to agreement on the selection. All selections should be forwarded to the IEC.

Appointed region representatives will serve two (2) year terms and are eligible for reappointment. Representatives from odd-numbered regions shall be appointed in odd-numbered years and representatives from even-numbered regions in even-numbered years. The exception to this would be where, in making appointments for newly established committees, region representatives appointed from odd-numbered regions in the even numbered years shall be appointed for a one year term and vice versa.

At-large members shall serve a one-year term and are eligible for reappointment.

Subject to the law, a committee member may be removed from office by the appointing body, based on the following grounds:

The committee member ceases to be a member in good standing of his/her chapter, and;

  • is suspended or expelled from membership in the Association; or
  • in the opinion of the appointing authority, the member failed or refused to properly pierform the duties of office.

Committee Vacancies

Vacancies on a committee shall be filled by appointment as described above. However, the appointed member may serve only the unexpired term remaining of the vacancy being filled.

Committee Subcommittees

Committee chairs may divide their committees into functional subcommittees or task forces as necessary to address issues before the committee. The chair, after securing the advice and concurrence of the International President-Elect, shall appoint such subcommittee chairs as required by actions initiated. Such subcommittee shall cease to function upon completion of the specific duties assigned at the direction of the International President-Elect and/or committee chair.

Submitting Articles for Publication

Committees are encouraged to submit at least one article for publication in Right of Way magazine each year. The article should be of interest to the general membership, either related to their committee activities or significant topics that fall within their industry discipline.

Other Committee Responsibilities
Committees shall:

  • Provide reports and execute other assignments as directed by the IEC or Board of Directors.
  • Promote membership and participation in the Association, as well as the highest ethical and professional standards of its members' disciplines and the Association at large.
  • Not make any official appearance before or present any evidence to legislative, political, other associations, or any private or public body without the expressed concurrence in writing from the IEC or International Board of Directors.

Each committee will be assigned a IEC member and Headquarters staff to act as liaisons. The IEC member will provide technical support and serve as committee liaison to the IEC. The staff member will provide administrative assistance, subject to direction by the International EVP.