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Industry News Right of way news from around the world is posted online by category and updated every day! Instant access to right of way news is an essential business tool and gives you a competitive edge
Career Center Exclusive access to up-to-date jobs available and projects requiring specialized right of way services Find jobs, candidates and right of way projects not available elsewhere
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Right of Way Magazine Bimonthly publication with in-depth articles and court decisions affecting right of way professionals Membership includes a free subscription, plus you can search archived articles online – 24/7
Member Directory Online directory of 9,500 right of way professionals - searchable by name, location, designation or discipline See for yourself how members can rely on other members for support through problems and challenges
Principles of Right of Way Textbook Online Proprietary textbook outlines key industry principles – searchable online and downloadable for future reference Access to 15 right of way topics gives you the competitive edge – critical information 24/7
Committee Activities Only IRWA members can serve on committees at the local and international level. Committee participants gain self-confidence and accelerate their professional opportunities
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