From Chapter 2’s inception until she passed away in 1990, Sophie Yore kept all of the Chapter records and remained a champion for the ideals of the organization by tirelessly promoting the Chapter. Critical to the success of the fledgling Chapter 2, was the commitment of Sophie, secretary to the Chief Right of Way Agent at the Department of Highways (DOH).

If a new employee was hired at the DOH (later known as Caltrans), the first thing Sophie would tell the new employee was “if you want to get ahead in the job you are going to join the Right of Way Association and here is an application”.


Sophie Yore is to the left busy preparing for an IRWA event.

Never officially a member of Chapter 2, Sophie Yore kept the records of all members that joined. In addition, as each new president was installed she let them know what was required and made sure that they did it. After retiring from Caltrans, she continued to work continually for the Chapter. At the 50th Chapter Anniversary Celebration, Sophie was finally named an honorary member of the Chapter. After her passing, the Chapter Board recognized her contributions to the Chapter by establishing an annual award in her honor. The award is given to a Chapter member who embodies a spirit of service toward the organization over the course of their career.


 2021 Sophie Yore Award Recipient

Chadwick Wyler, SR/WA

Chadwick Wyler's photo

Past Recipients:

2020s. 2021 Chadwick Wyler, 2020 Alexi Dicker

2010s. 2019 Kevin Blair, 2018 Alesia Strauch, 2017 Karen Eddleman, 2016 Christy Voyles, 2015 Larry Castellano, 2014 Lisa Hiddleson, 2013 Eric Roman, 2012 William Tannenbaum, 2011 Les Hausrath, 2010 Steve Castellano

2000s. 2009 Vern Cummings, 2008 Tara Peterson, 2007 Cecilia Melanson, 2006 Pam Thompson, 2005 Denise Lucas (Jackson), 2004 Lucy Owens, 2003 ?, 2002 ?, 2001 Sue Evans, 2000 John Fenstermacher

1990s. 1999 not awarded, 1998 Michael Wolfe, 1997 Joyce Diaz, 1996 Vern Cummings, 1995 William Fellman, 1994 Roger Rapport, 1993 Paul Gavey, 1992 David Simmons, 1991 Eleanor Thomsen, 1990 Monty Cavender